20th Forum Workshop Openning

We are proud to open the 20th Ircam Forum Workshop today with more than 170 participants and until Friday November 22nd. Those not being able to attend can follow the seminars in the Stravinsky hall through Streaming.

This edition is very special for many reasons: We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ircam Forum (see Tribune article). And it marks the 2nd year of the new platform (baptised Forum 2.0 in 2012) and the 2nd edition of Ircam Live.

We have come a long way since the 19th workshop in 2012: We were 600 members then, we are more than 2500 today and thanks to your participation we are beginning to have a better understanding of our community's social, technological and artistic needs.

Starting today, a lot of our technologies are renewed: Most Max objects now come in FAT bundles (compatible with Max 6.1 64bit audio processing) and all will be shortly. New technologies have been introduced and almost all technologies have been enhanced with new functionalities.

The year 2013 is going to be full of exciting news and enhancements: We will finish up a lot of social functionalities on the website so ease networking among users. We will also enhance our software documentation portal. And most importantly, I am proud to announce that we are preparing the First International Edition of Ircam Forum Workshop in Seoul/Korea in partnership with Hanyang University and CREAMA.