A new Spat version is ready for download (OSX and Windows)

Dear all,
A new Spat version is ready for download (OSX and Windows).

* spat.pan~ : fix bugs with knn panning.
* spat.hoasorting~ : added FMH sorting (in addition to ACN and SID previously available).
* spat.decoder~ : fix bformat2uhj transcoding.
* spat.spat~ : removed limitation to 128 speakers. The new limit is 250.
* added spat.hoaoptim~ : applies max-re or in-phase gains.
* spat.pan~, spat.spat~ : fix critical issues with diffuse panning (especially when in HOA mode).
* spat.viewer : fix bugs with elevation message.
* spat.decoder~ : added all-rad ambisonic decoding (beta version).
* spat.hoavector: added visualisation of various metrics (beta version).
* added Max Package infos.
* various cleanup
* minor improvements to some ambisonic help patches

Have fun !