AI, networked performance and aesthetic judgment - Hans Kretz

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 in Paris.

This practice-based research presentation will draw on examples from my own experience using JackTrip – in close collaboration with its developers at CCRMA – in directing and conducting student ensembles in projects that involve AI and networked performance.I will endeavor to highlight the anthropo-philosophical distinctions that govern the use of the expressions: creativity, imagination, fantasy, in order to better identify, beyond its everyday and generic use, the cognitive, philosophical and aesthetic implications of co-creativity, and how this notion necessarily informs any attempt to reinterpret these notions.
The use of software allowing co-creativity modifies to a great extent the reflexes acquired by the students in the context of improvisation. In doing so, it is the whole activity of the student's aesthetic judgment that is put back at the center. I will try to show how HCI restores to the aesthetic judgment its capacity of cognitive orientation by reactivating the exercise of the philosophical judgment.
By performing these AI assisted improvisations in an online space, through the use of the low latency, uncompressed network audio software Jack trip, a distributed space is created in which each performer occupies a unique role in a non hierarchical relation.

The digital mediation of each performer through the networked audio and its reconstitution in a single online hub, which can share a single virtual acoustic treatment renders the relationship with the AI agent in a new light.