ALEA - Associazione Laboratorio Espressioni Artistiche

The Italian association ALEA is one of our sponsor for the IRCAM Forum Workshops Paris 2020. Discover it!

ALEA is a not-for-profit association aiming at promoting music in all its possible artistic, historical and cultural contexts.

Through the organization of concerts, courses and other educational activities, ALEA dedicates itself in particular to the dissemination of less popular artistic expressions or in a current state of research. Particular attention is paid to the production and realization of innovative works that draw their foundation from premises rooted in history, in the humanistic or scientific culture, or the social context.

For this purpouse, ALEA organizes events for the dissemination of minority languages, for the rediscovery of forgotten composers, for the rediscovery of forgotten composers, for reflection on the role of the artist in the field of environmental sustainability, for the maintenance of historical instruments and their repertoire, for breaking down barriers of gender and ethnicity differences, and for fostering intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

ALEA also promotes those composers and performers who, in the early stages of their career, wish to collaborate with the association to carry out experimental artistic projects with a repertoire that ranges from Ancient Music to the first performances. ALEA supports these initiatives through the organization of concerts, the production of professional CDs, the awarding of scholarships and reimbursement of expenses.

Some of their partners : 

  • Forum IRCAM, Paris, France
  • Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Wilhelm Bernhard Molique Gesellschaft, Stuttgart,  Germany
  • Associazione Antiqua, Italy
    Dias de Musica Electroacustica, Seia, Portugal
  • INCOMUM, Lisbona,  Portugal
  • SMCC - Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers, Malaysia
  • Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Pai Chai University, Daejeong,  South Korea
  • Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Seoul,  South Korea
  • Sound of Dragon Society, Vancouver BC, Canada


📍ALEA - Associazione Laboratorio Espressioni Artistiche, Via Bagnarola, 56
33078, San Vito al Tagliamento – PN - Italie