Anders Vinjar- Artificial Creativity - some AI-based composition techniques


Ateliers du Forum Paris 2022

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Abstract :


The presentation will discuss ongoing work implementing various AI-based techniques in om# and OpenMusic, for use in musical composition workflows.


Human creativity is ill-defined by nature.  Achieving "those right kinds of errors" may provide large potentials for creators and researchers.  Composers want to explore some of the artistic potentials found along a very narrow borderline between order and chaos.  This presentation discusses how some AI-based creative tools may help doing the search for such potentials more effective.


Bio :


Anders Vinjar started his professional composition career in 1994.  He specializes in creative use of technology, programming languages, and advanced uses of computers in creative workflows.


His list of works includes electroacoustic music, acousmatic music, music for instruments and live-electronics and ensembles, web art, installations, music for dance, theater and movies.


Vinjar develops tools and applications for Composition and Audio work.  He is active in various Open Source projects developing DSP and CAC tools, most notably OpenMusic and om#, and has since 2013 been collaborating with IRCAM to continue development of these applications.

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