AudioSculpt 3.1.9 Released

A new version (3.1.9) of AudioSculpt is now available for download.

This new version contains the following bug fixes and additions requested by users:

- IrcamBeat markers: Fix possible hang issue during edition and playback.
- SDIF: Fix incorrect extension issue for HRM SDIF files.
- Transposition: Fix time stretch truncated value when the processor was initialized from the Timestretch dialog. Reflect the filter's internal clipping value in the dialog.
- UI: Remove an assertion dialog triggered by AS if user tried to load a midi annotation file without any sound file opened.
+ Pm2 version update (1.6.41)
+ SuperVP version update (2.99.91)
+ Use the SDIF Name Value Table to find the sound file path for an analysis if the system does not found a embedded alias in the SDIF resource. + Optimize markers display to support a larger number of visible markers.