Welcome to Forumnet 2.0

Ircam Forum, our unique historical venue for exchange between researchers and artists has been renewed as of today, to better reflect our community. With this new platform, Ircam Forum aims at living throughout the year by accelerating contact between Ircam community and artists worldwide, and by providing access to our latest features all year through.

Our new subscription offer aims at simplifying access to technologies with new pricing aiming to bring our experience to a wider public.

This new platform is also a place for members, to promote their works by posting their Events, for day-to-day interaction with Ircam teams through discussion groups, and to bringing members' words out to the greater public through Tribunes, and finally to make users interact with each other throughout the world.

Becoming a Forum member is free and gaining access to our subscription offers is as simple as a few clicks.

Simplified Access to Software and Technologies

Our new subscription offer is a simplification of the old process, entirely rethought to provide access to all Ircam technologies at the stage of sharing with greater public all year around. Besides our social platform, Forum 2.0 has the following features:

  • Individual & Institutional Premium Access: Subscription access to all Ircam technologies with additional benefits.

  • Access to individual technologies (for non-Premium members).

  • New Additions in 2012:

    • IRCAMAX Collection is now part of Ircam Forum and available to all Premium Members.

    • New collection for Gesture & Sound, featuring the world release of our concert-proof VoiceFollower.

    • New step-by-step Max tutorial for Antescofo

    • New additions in Forum Max Apps.

    • MuBu for Max

    • And new versions of almost all technologies to explore in our Products menu.

  • Easy access to software download and activation in a few clicks.

Returning Users

Access for returning users from our previous platform is as easy as logging in with previous usernames and passwords. We invite you to Login today using your access. Returning users will notice the following change of status:

  • Traditional Forum Research, Forum Studio and Forum Pedagogy accesses are now all equivalent to Individual Premium Access (for individuals) or Institutional Premium Access (for institutions,universities, etc...).

  • You have full access to all technologies until the validation date of your subscription. You can check your status and order history at any time from your personal profile in your Dashboard or Order History Page.

  • Product Activation is now entirely online (and thus 24 hours per day, 7 days per week).

  • Number of Software authorization per year has been increased from one to four (Individual Premium) and five to 20 (Institutional Premium) to reflect various users' needs. The activation process should be more simple.

  • Finally, a modern Customer Service is at your availability throughout this website.