Concerts / 音乐会

Check out the preliminary concert program of the Ircam Forum Workshops Shanghai

November 1st - 7.30 pm / Changjiang Theater, Shanghai
In collaboration with Shanghai Conservatory of Music / As part of the Shanghai International Electronic Music Week

Huihui Cheng (China, 1985) : "Me Du Ça", for soprano and electronic (7’)

Computer Music Designer : Huihui Cheng / Computer Music Production : Mikhail Malt / Pedagogical supervision : Grégoire Lorieux (IRCAM), Hae-Sun Kang (Conservatoire de Paris)

Me Du Ça gets its inspiration from the figure of a jellyfish, metaphor guideline of this piece. The flutes / pipes thus represent the snakes that took the place of the hair of the mythological figure. Its sounds of Aeolian whistling, noisy air, also seek to evoke the reptilian universe of the jellyfish in a fragmentary way, thus disorienting linear perception.

Kaija Saariaho (Finland, 1952) : « NoaNoa », for flute and electronic (10’)

Computer Music Designer : Xavier Chabot / Computer Music Production : Augustin Muller

NoaNoa (1992) is a piece for flute and computer music station of lrcam (SIM, based on computer Next).

Different types of flute sounds have been sampled and stored in the SIM memory, and are triggered and electronically transformed at specific points of the score, either with the help of an automatic partition follower (tracking heights and the envelope of the flute), or by a pedal controlled by the interpreter. In general, the electronic part develops the musical ideas of writing for the solo instrument. The title refers to a woodcut by Paul Gauguin, NoaNoa. It also refers to a travel diary of the same name, written by Paul Gauguin during his stay in Tahiti between 1891 and 1893.

Kaija Saariaho (Finland, 1952) : « Lonh », for soprano and electronics (18’)

Computer Music Designer : Gilbert Nouno / Computer Music Production : Augustin Muller

Lonh (1995-1996) adaptation of the famous Lanquan il jorn ... by Jaufré Rudel, dresses the voice of Dawn Upshaw of refined electronic sails. Thought as an excerpt from the upcoming opera, Lonh delineates around the voice spaces made from spectral analyzes by resonance models, in which the melody evolves.

Pierre Boulez (France, 1925-2016) : "Anthèmes 2", for violin and electronic (21’)

Computer Music Designer : Andrew Gerzso / Computer Music Production : Augustin Muller

In 1995, Pierre Boulez decided to compose at IRCAM an electroacoustic version of Anthèmes. The realization of this version was entrusted to Andrew Gerzso. In keeping with the spirit of these three compositions, Anthèmes II also adopts a live approach; this is why all the electronic material is generated in real time during the performance.

Florent Carron Darras (France, 2019) : «TECHNOTOPE», for baritone, saxophone and electronic (8')

弗劳伦特 卡农 达拉斯(法国):《TECHNOTOPE——为上低音萨克斯和电子音乐而作》

Ircam Team:

Mikhaïl Malt, Augustin Muller :  Computer Music Designers

Sylvain Cadars : Sound Engineer

Matteo Cesari : Pedagogical Support

📍 Changjiang Theater

35 Huang He Lu, Huangpu, Shanghai, China