Dagfinn Koch - I would prefer a small mountain temple (String Trio)


Ateliers du Forum Paris 2022

Abstract :


The composition is a comment to Karim Haddad’s String Trio "And I have tried to keep them from falling" (2001)"I would prefer a small mountain temple" is written between 2018 and 2021. Both titles refer to Ezra Pound’s (185-1972) poem Canto XIII. I’ve kept the metronome and the measure structure of Karim’s composition, and made my version of his Time Block concept. I generated pitch and rhythms from the letters in Karim’s name. I’ve dedicated the composition to him in friendship. I've been developing over 40 Open Music tools. The main emphasis has been "harmonic skins and position mapping." But now also extended that ro rhythms.


Bio :


Born in Kristiansund (Norway) in 1964. Studied composition and viola in Oslo. Further studies in composition in Berlin. Well established freelance composer. Have used Patch Work/Open Music since 1998.

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