Deep Voice #2 - l’événement parisien dédié à la voix et à l’intelligence artificielle


Deep Voice, Paris 2022
Wednesday 15, Thursday 16, Friday 17 June

"Diversity and inclusion in voice technologies"

Deep Voice, Paris is the Parisian event dedicated to voice and artificial intelligence, which aims to bring together scientific and technical expertise, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Diversity and inclusion will be the focus of this second edition, to exchange and debate on the presence of rare languages, poorly endowed languages, sign language, dialects and accents, bias and discrimination in voice technologies.

The full program is available at:

Technical workshops - "hands-on" - will be offered to participants to develop their skills in the areas of speech processing and natural language.

At the end of the day, there will be moments for meetings and networking to facilitate the exchange between participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

For this second edition: more discussions, more meetings, more events with the best French and international specialists in the field, still technical training workshops, and cultural and artistic openings!

Deep Voice, Paris brings together the best specialists in the field of voice technologies, such as the companies that are driving innovation such as Hugging Face, ReadSpeaker, SANAS, Rumble Studio, Mozilla's Common Voice project on the collection of freely accessible databases in many languages and the Q project on gender awareness in synthetic voices and the development of gender-neutral voices.

All presentations are free with registration (in person with limited seating or remotely). Paid registration guarantees a place in the audience and gives access to the two technical workshops and to the networking moments. A preferential rate is offered to students, with the possibility of following the workshops remotely.

Deep Voice, Paris is an event co-organized by Ircam, Sorbonne University, and the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) as part of the ManiFeste 2022 festival.

The Science and Technology of Music and Sound (STMS) laboratory hosted by Ircam has more than 40 years of experience in the science and technology of voice synthesis and transformation. With the help of Ircam Amplify, its researchers have just participated in the first realization of a Deep Fake vocal of the actress and singer Dalida for the new program "L'hôtel du temps" created by Thierry Ardisson on France Télévision.

Conditions of access : on registration

Access to all the scientific conferences: free, on registration

Access to the two workshops, evening of meetings & networking, privileged access to the scientific conferences: 450€ (full price)

Access to the two workshops, evening of meetings and networking, privileged access to the scientific conferences: 150€ (student rate)