Haute école des arts - HKB Bern

7 demonstrations spread over 5 and 6 March 2020 during the Forum's Workshops in Paris.

Fiona Rody / Discorde

Utopia Forward Sigh Comfort Serenity Observation Seduction Evoke Body Friction Distance Equivocal Proximity Exploration Divergence Movement Abduction Deduction Discomfort Ahaner Backward Dystopia

Jasmina Serag / Nexus DIY

Live electronics

The timbre of a voice depends on certain relations between its partials. Nexus DIY aims to play with these relations and is based on the simple idea to disassemble and re-mix parts of selected vocal tones. The modified voice is the fundamental element of this work. New relations within the sound material emerge that create novel timbres and allow unheard frequencies of the voice to become auditable parts of the whole. Nexus DIY is a quadraphonic piece inspired by drone and meditative practices.

Lars Tuchel / to code

Every acoustically generated sound is necessarily preceded by physical movement, often in the form of a human body. With electronically and digitally generated sounds, this relationship no longer seems to exist. But behind every such sound there is a vast amount of code that makes the sound production possible in the first place. This code, in turn, is created by human movements behind a screen and a keyboard. A relationship between body and sound therefore also exists in the digital world, albeit more indirectly and with a time delay. The live-coding performance will shed light on this relationship. The physicality in the act of programming becomes the act of making music.

Lisa Mark / Tanzseil/Ropetight

Lisa Mark : concept and composition / Mira Studer : dancer

The body marks the centre, the centre moves through space. Since there is only one single point of contact with the rope you can hear the entirety of all interacting body parts. The dancer moves around the emerging tension that is being shifted in the body and in space.

Rémy Rufer / Study for cello and electronics

Cello: Naomi Mabanda / Electronics: Rémy Rufer

This piece is a research on different sonorities between cello and electronics as well as the development of a complicity between the two musicians, in order to find a vocabulary and an aesthetic that will be used to create a larger piece that will be called YPSUM.YPSUM is a performance project of the Hyperartiste collective.

Robin Siedl / Blech24

A metal sheet lying in a hollow in Nuglar. Useless? No. I'll take it. Why am I in Nuglar? Doesn't matter. It says 24. I'm watching her clamping the bike to cut the lock. Key got stuck. She saws it through.
Two of our favourite chairs broke. Put their backs in the cellar. Green they are to this day.
He walked me through my hippie summer. Found love. Connected to the world. Until the Teufel* died. Not quite.

Objects break or lose their usefulness. But they still sound. Over the past few years, many such objects have been collected. An intensive recording session began. I dedicate this composition to four objects.

Simon Walker /  Bended Studies No. 1 – Hybrid or At the best time in the best place

With the often random, active alternation of an electrical circuit in toy pianos or other gadgets, it is possible to generate unpredictable sounds. This technique is called “Circuit Bending”.

Starting with sound material, which is limited to the above-mentioned procedure, the main focus was on digital editing and pitch manipulation in order to create new sounds.

The procedure for composition and sound generation are often identical.
Trough constant testing in the smallest possible range, to the desired satisfaction.