Edgar Hemery

His career as a researcher-entrepreneur began at the end of his research master's degree at UPMC/Telecom ParisTech in partnership with IRCAM. His PhD at MINES ParisTech, led to the creation of an electronic musical instrument that works with finger and upper body recognition. At the end of his thesis, in 2018, he obtained 12 months of funding in the framework of a "post-doc innovation" in order to continue to develop and promote his research work.

Embodiment: opening gates to new expressive musical interactions

Embodme designs interfaces and expressive electronic musical instruments. Our ambition is to make electronic music (live or in studio) a human and expressive experience, moreover, to reconcile the human and the digital. This is precisely the meaning of the English word embodiment, which can be read as a watermark in our name. Our instruments are equipped with a new technology that allows musicians to interact with the machine, placing their gestures and touch at the centre of the musical game."

Embodme's DNA is anchored in a unique, patented technology based on the modeling and recognition of gesture and touch. It is over several years of R&D, and through rich meetings with specialized laboratories and other key players in the technology and music industry, that we have developed these technological bricks, patented in November 2019.

Our product range will use this technology in a distinct and complementary way: Our first controller, the Erae Touch, emphasizes touch and allows us to exploit its full expressivity potential thanks to MIDI MPE (Multi Polyphonic Expression) polyphonic expression. The 6D technology we have developed allows the touch to evolve in several dimensions with extremely low latency and very high dynamics.