Embodiement of a Decentralised Sonic Space - Aiden Shabka, Udit Datta, Nicholas Farris

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshop 2023 In Paris

This Project focuses on the decentralisation of spatial/immersive audio. What does spatial audio feel like when resonance is explored fragmented across a building or through an assemblage of sculptural objects? How does the interaction of individuals connect to form a symbiotic sonic environment? We would like the experiencer to feel the closeness of the origin of soundscapes and its intrinsic capacity to shape an ecology of beings.  Through a loose and entropic distribution of transducers and contact mics we seek to tap into the intuitive nature of creation in communication with the textures and materiality of the lived environment. The result is a constantly evolving superposition in time of soundscapes both natural and alien to our senses toeing the line of embodiment and dissolution in an act of radical togetherness.
Exploring the resonant properties of materials we collectively craft an interactive sonic sculpture park unique to the passing moment. By providing each audience member with their own contact speaker, they will have autonomy to place the speaker on sculptures and surfaces of a room creating an evolving and living sonic environment. Through the use of physical computing and Maxmsp, the soundscape is perpetually evolving through the data input of the audience movement, further solidifying the role of the individual in the sonic outcome of the piece.

Project by Udit Datta & Aiden Shabka, Nicholas Farris