Embodme launches its Erae Touch controller on participatory financing

Embodme, a startup founded by IRCAM's Atiam Master alumni launches its first musical instrument on the Kickstarter participatory financing platform : Erae Touch - a polyphonic and versatile MIDI controller!

Embodme, a startup incubated in the innovation program of the 104 and Agoranov launches its first musical instrument on Kickstarter this Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

The company was founded by Edgar Hemery, a former student of the Master ATIAM of IRCAM following his thesis at the Ecole des Mines ParisTech on "the study of movement and gestural and musical interaction". At the end of this thesis in 2018 he obtained a post-doc innovation funding which allowed him to develop his first prototypes, presented in particular during the last days of workshops of the Forum in March 2019.

The team made up of IRCAM, Devialet and Squarp instruments alumni is now ready to launch the industrialization and commercialization stages!


Erae Touch is an interactive, multi-touch MIDI pad using FSR sensor array technology to improve sensitivity and response time for real-time performance. These innovations aim to bring new forms of gestural interaction to musical and electronic performances.

A large surface made of silicone increases the expressive potential compared to conventional controllers. This new tool allows to play with sticks as well as with hands and to use playing techniques previously only possible with acoustic instruments (glissando, vibrato, pizzicato).




The Erae Lab software also developed by the team will allow users to reconfigure the LED screen integrated into the PAD and create an infinite number of layouts in order to customize their musical set and create a real interaction with the audience with dynamic visuals and immersive musical objects.



Standard connections as well as the creation of templates are provided to control digital creation software or to revive your synthesizers thanks to the integration of the new MIDI 2.0 standard.



For more information visit their website: https://www.embodme.com/