Encounters - Cyan D'Anjou, Jeanyoon Choi, Yue Song

Audio installation about the contextual biases people bring into public spaces.

This project employs a selection of conversations collected and sampled from across London and abroad to shape a 3D specialised experiential installation that draws on the use of surveillance technologies in action and crime solving entertainment media to create a disruption of the perfect flow of a pre-written story arc. Paralleling AI deep fake technologies through the sounds’ edited landscape, we question the point at which the ease of creating a false narrative suitable to our personal bias overtakes the essential labour of addressing the root of the systemic issues of data bias and surveillance.

 The viewer experiences the piece as an overlapping collection of sounds that parallels an outdoor public meeting space. As audience members move around the public installation, particular sets of voices become clearer, feeling like being let into secret plot points and clues.

 We have sourced conversations from locations that are purposefully public and the presence of surveillance technologies made visibly clear, but vary in time and location, such to create anonymity and variation to ensure each fragment would otherwise un-remixed feel entirely distinct. By being curated together, we as observers intrinsically fill the gaps and imagine the links in the stories they hear, a confirmation bias of their own lived experiences. At the end of the piece’s duration, all sound mixes to form an indistinguishable mélange of noise, distorting the narrative– rendering it nonsensical.

Created by Cyan D'Anjou, Jeanyoon Choi, and Yue Song