How to create a collective project ?

Wether it's for a Max patch, a collection of audio files or just documentation, this guide will help you create your first project and add files to it.

1. Create the project

  • On any page of website, click the big Create button on the top-right corner
  • Fill the fields of the form:
    • Name — the very own name of your project and the only required field.
    • Description — a short description that will be displayed on your project appearances across the website (search results, etc.) and on its page.
    • Tags — themes your project is about. If a tag does not exist already, it will be created.
    • Files repository — the location where you want to store your files
      • Create a repository — it means that we take care of hosting your files. This is the default and recommended option. The next part of this guide will suppose you selected it.
      • I already have a repository — in case you already have a repository somewhere on the Internet (at the time of publication, only GitHub and Ircam's forge-2 are supported)
        • External repository — the URL of your external repository
    • README — the main textual content of your project. It should describe at least what it is and how to use it. Also, it might be your first meeting with the Markdown formatting language, congratulations!
  • Click on Create the project

When your project has finished being created, you will be automatically redirected to its page.

2. Add files to your project

Now that your project is created (along with its files repository and its discussion room), let's add content to it.

  • On your project page, click on Go to the repository in the Updates section of the right sidebar
  • If not logged in already, click on Sign in / Register on the top-right corner: you are now logged in.
  • Click on Repository > Files in the left-side menu
  • Locate the + sign at the top of the page near your project's name, click it and select Upload file in the dropdown menu
  • Select a file on your computer and click Upload file
  • It's done! Your file has been added to your project.

Try to download your project from the project page and see what's inside!