How to write an article in the IRCAM Forum?

The articles present some aspects of artistic research related to the creation of a work, the content of an artistic research residency or to scientific progress or technological innovations. Everyone can create an article in the language of their choice and share an opinion, an experience, a know-how.

The guest article feature allows you to suggest an article to the editorial team of Ircam Forum. The lifecycle of a guest article is as follow:

  • Create a guest article
  • Edit & save it until it fits your expectations
  • Submit it to the Ircam Forum editorial team (you will lose the right to edit it from this moment)
    • It will be published if we think it is ready to
    • You will be given back the edition right if we think there's modifications to be made

Create a guest article

  • If not logged in, click on Login / Signup in the top-right corner of the website
  • Click on your username in the top-right corner of the website
  • In the Articles section of your profile page, click the + sign
  • Fill the fields
    • Title — the title of your article
    • Description — a short description that would be displayed on your article appearances across the website (search results, etc.) and on its own page.
    • Tags — themes your article is about. If a tag does not exist already, it will be created.
    • Article — the content of your article
  • Click on Create the article

At this point, your article is created but only visible by you. You can edit it until you are ready to submit it to the editorial team.

Submit it to the editorial team

Now that you think your article is good enough to be published, it's time to submit it for review.

  • On your guest article page, click on Edit at the top (or directly from your profile page)
  • At the very bottom of the page, click on Submit for review (and click again — this prevents accidental submissions)
  • That's it! The editorial team has been notified and will review your submission.

Thank you for contributing to the IRCAM Forum !