IRCAM Forum Workshops Montreal 2021 - Program/Highlights

Come to meet researchers, composers, artists, designers from all around the world and speak of new tools for music and sound !

During this Forum online we'll go deeply on Spatialization, Orchestration, Perception questions.

with Carmine Cella, Zosha Di Castri, James O'Callaghan, Stephen McAdams, Matthew D. Gantt, Robert Normandeau, Catherine Guastavino, Nadine Schütz, Linda Bouchard, Thibaut Carpentier and several more...

Roundtables themes: 

  • Timbre and orchestration 
  • Spatialization, virtual reality, and augmented reality
  • Spatialization, Spat, and SpatGRIS
  • Spatialization, sound art, and immersive experience
  • Composing timbre and space
  • La musique électroacoustique, l’interprétation et le multimédia (FR)
  • Interactivity and multimedia in composition
  • Composing with technology

Program available hereAll times are listed in Montreal's time zone (EST, UTC−05:00).

Free, on registration

The event iX Symposium "Sound & Immersion" of the SAT on Saturday, February 6th, is sold out. While access to the web platform is limited to a small audience (already sold out), the events will also be streamed on Vimeo for all Forum participants.

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This event is co-organized with McGill University, SAT, Le Vivier, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC/CRSH), and Ircam Labs with the support of the French Institute.