From Creation to Real-time Immersive experience deliveries with SPAT Revolution


Abstract :

Audio productions are going thru a paradigm shift, adopting new workflows,  dealing with new deliveries, welcoming  collaborators from different environments and integrating the object-oriented mixing whelm. Come and explore SPAT Revolution object-oriented and perceptual mixing concepts, the new possible workflows such as ADM-OSC together with the various spatial audio reproduction techniques it has to offer.
Presented by: FLUX:: Immersive

Bio :

Gael Martinet 

Gaël Martinet - (FLUX:: Immersive - Founder / CEO / Head Software Engineering) is a self-taught sound engineer, he founded FLUX:: Software Engineering in year 2000 focusing the activities on the realization of audio analysis and processing application software. FLUX:: is first and foremost a human story and a life purpose, that of Gaël Martinet, the company's founder. Since childhood, a music lover having studied at the Rouen Conservatory of Classical Music and a former musician, he finally oriented his professional career towards the profession of sound engineering. After over a decade, and with a close collaboration as a subcontractor for Merging Technologies , finally, in 2006, the idea of FLUX:: and the dream of an exquisite product line tailored for professional sound engineers were starting to take shape. The company today works with several major actors of the music industry and among which the IRCAM (the French music and acoustics research institute)  is a close partner where a whole range of innovative products: the IRCAM Tools were developed

FLUX:: has since then been focusing on creating intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools, recognized by leading engineers and producers in the professional audio industry, with software and sound solutions exports worldwide, and found in the world’s most prestigious recording studios, film sound stages, radio, and TV broadcasters, for a vast range of customers including Apple, Disney and Pixar Studios.

Hugo Larin

Hugo Larin - FLUX:: Immersive - Business Director is a key collaborator of the  [SPAT Revolution] project and has deep roots in audio mixing, design and operation as well as in networked control and data distribution. He leads the FLUX:: Immersive consulting group and the business development for FLUX::. His recent involvements and interests include object-based spatial audio mixing workflows, interoperability, implementation, and simplification. He launched his career in production equipment rentals and in studio recording. His passion for technology and for the entertainment production environment quickly drove him toward the live production sphere. 

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