Mixage fou 2020 : Ronan Guillard Interview / Stereo Award Winner

Mixage Fou 2020

The IRCAM Forum team participated in the selection jury of Mixage Fou 2020. It was a blind selection. We wanted to meet the candidates who won the subscription to the IRCAM Forum, to know what is their activity, their work process, their life path.

Here is Ronan Guillard, winner in the stereo category of Mixage Fou 2020.

How did you hear about Mixage Fou and since when do you submit your creations?

After following the MOOC "Music Beyond Digital" we continued to exchange with other participants. Artkax had already participated the year before and informed us about the 2020 edition of Mixage Fou. We are 3 to have participated (Artkax, Audrey Slap and me). It was my first participation.

Tell us a little about this creation. What was your work process? 

In the first phase I made a complete listening of the available sound sources. I listed the files, noting the sounds that spoke to me the most. This step was totally subjective, without any preconceived ideas about the use of sound in the project. After this first selection, I looked for a potential link between the different sounds selected. The theme of travel seemed to me to be adapted and easier to implement. I am not creative enough to let myself be guided by inspiration. I need a guiding thread. I also wanted to incorporate a melodic form so that the creation would not be too abstract, the use of the violin sound seemed the most natural to me. I then isolated with Audacity the passages that worked best for me, avoiding having too many different sounds on each sample. A bit of tweaking on Audacity but in the end with quite basic options (stretching, tone change, frequency processing). Some more brute force treatments (granulation with VST under REAPER) for particular passages. The violin "melody" was created by modeling a virtual instrument from a violin sample (key setting in Audacity, evolution in bass and treble then injection in Maschine which can directly recreate an instrument from a few reference sounds). The sequences were then formatted in REAPER and then recalibrated with Maschine, which allows to have a structure very easily in place (I also need enough "square" structures so that the creation remains "easy" to listen to). A few hours, nights ! moving the sequences, modifying them, correcting them, resuming... And after a while I felt a certain weariness and the need to fix the piece.

Which softwares do you use? 

Audacity / Reaper / Maschine

What technologies from the IRCAM Forum would you find useful in your next creations?

As a hobbyist, I confess that I don't really know on which project I would like to "work". I would like to test the available sounds as well as the softwares to recreate symphonic orchestrations. I'm afraid that IRCAM tools are too complex for me! I am also interested in man/machine technology (human physical actions allowing to modify in real time the sounds or sequences being listened to). But it takes time to explore this universe!



Ronand Guillard is a Civil Engineer and amateur musician, mainly practicing bagpipes and playing the bagad (traditional Breton bagpipe/bombard/drum ensemble).

See his last performance with the bagad of Orvault : Odyssée... Orvault 44.... 5 Mai 2019

He also sets up, in an associative framework of cultural exchanges, a mini-training to perform in Senegal (a project to help a village in Casamance): Musique | Pornichet Sénégal

His interest in electronic music was born during an evening of electronic concerts at the Poupet festival. Intrigued by the tools used by the artist Fakear (use of Maschine NI), he invests in this material. He follows a training "Music beyond digital", an "exhilarating" training in his words that will allow him to come into contact with people with the same interests, with whom he will create a project of sound illustration of photographs of one of the members. The main interest of this community is to be able to exchange opinions and criticisms on each other's compositions.

One day he would like to imagine a traditional electro creation with bagad and djs.

He is also interested in the possibilities offered by analog systems and spends time on VCVRack.