Guillaume Pellerin - Forum platform: current and future collaborative workflows for tech and music projects


Abstract :

Since the re-launch of the IRCAM Forum platform in 2019, a lot of improvements has been done to ensure that the users can manage their own projects, contents and discussions. The current features will be presented as well as the roadmap focusing on collaborative workflows. A discussion will be opened to take every feedbacks and ideas.

Bio :

Guillaume Pellerin is a researcher and a developer in acoustics, audio processing, data science and web interfaces. He graduated from the french Arts et Métiers engineering high school in 2000, received a M.Sc in acoustics and signal processing in 2001 and a PhD in mechanics and nonlinear acoustics in 2006. He has been an associate professor and researcher at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers in Paris on topics related to sound and physics such as room acoustics, aeroacoustics, electroacoustics, electricity, signal processing and computer programming. He funded the Parisson company in 2008 to develop innovative, open source and collaborative platforms dedicated to computational musicology, digital humanities (Telemeta project collectively awarded by the CNRS in 2018), a live video e-learning solution for schools and several electronic music productions. From 2017, within the Innovation and Research Means Department of IRCAM, he leads the Web Team driving projects related to communication, audio-visual production, music data preservation, collaborative development (Forum) and participates to some research and european projects related to sciences, technologies and arts. He has especially introduced new development methods in the context of open innovation involving: modular and sustainable CMS architectures, web based audio analysis APIs, multidisciplinary strategies mixing hard, social and citizen sciences.

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