IRCAMAX collection 1 distributed by Ableton


Dear Ircamax User's

Ableton and Ircam are now partners to distribute Ircamax Collections .

This first pack is now for sale at :  at 99 €

Important : Ircam Forumnet will continue to provide all IRCAMAX free patches ( Chord Seq and Multi Fx ) not present in this new Ableton Pack

As we know , You bought IRCAMAX collection 1 thru  forum during last few years and for this reason we will provide you an Ableton new Serial Number for Free  to convert your actual collection 1 in Ableton pack format and get all new updates.

To do this,  you just have to send us a simple request to Stephanie Leroy ( ) by email with valid email adress you provide to buy Ircamax and you will receive  new serial number for free.

Process to activate Ircamax Ableton Pack:

What you will have to do is "Add a serial" on your Ableton account page and enter the serial number we send you .

Then "IRCAMAX 1" will appear in your list of pack and it will downloadable.


Note: Music Composed by Jean Lochard and produced only with Ircamax collection 1 on Live 9 suite