Jean-Etienne Sotty


Abstract :

Since 2015 duo XAMP never stop to extend the accordion : they mixed the accordion sound with new sources, and with new ideas of our time. First they made the XAMP microtonal accordion, joining new timbres. Then they wanted to mix it with electronics. Therefore Jean-Etienne Sotty conceived the Hybrid accordion at IRCAM during a residency of two months. To add electronics parts, to connect accordion with digital world means to transform the sound, the instrumental techniques, but also to transform the self idea of what is an instrument. Hybrid accordion remains to be an acoustic instrument, but it catchs also a new life, it gains a virtualy organic autonomy.

Bio :


Born on March 20, 1988. A native of Bourgogne, France, he fought with the most distinguished professors: O. Urbano, C. Girard, P. Bourlois and finally T. Anzellotti, under the teaching, he obtained Master at the HKB Bern. His excellence opens the doors of the CNSMDP (PhD); his musical knowledge earned him to obtain music aggregation.

With this course, there is no limit to his musical desires: recital, contemporary creation, improvisation, concerto with orchestra ... his activities are as diverse as possible. Insatiably creative collaborates with many composers and creates the first accordion in France in the duo XAMP that he forms with Fanny Vicens.

In the most prestigious places: Théâtre du Châtelet, KKL Lucerne, Les Subsistances (Lyon), Center George Pompidou / IRCAM, Spring Arts Festival (Monaco), Teatro Mayor (Bogota), Sadler's Wells (London), Konzerthaus Vienna, Festival Presences ...

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