Jean Lochard - SKataRT corpus sound : SOL, DJ and Modalys


Abstract :


SKataRT corpus SOL, DJ and Modalys are 3 corpus of sound ready to be played in SKataRT. During this session, we will explain how they were made and show different ways to play them in Ableton Live.


Bio :


Jean Lochard is Computer Music Designer at Ircam since 2001. He teaches techniques of synthesis, musical acoustics, techniques of studio and tools of musical creation in real time to the young composers of the Computer Music Cursus of the institute. As a researcher and developer at Ircam, he mainly programmed the Ircamax Vol 1 & 2 plugins for Ableton Live and Najo Modular Interface, a user interface to produce a larger variety of sound in Max. As an electronic music composer, he worked on many projects: cinema screening with François Régis, interactive music installations with Pierre Estève, live performing with Suonare e Cantare. He was involved in the creation of musical software for Karlax, a new instrument for live performance. He also collaborated with various artists: Emilie Simon, Avril, Jackson and his Computer Band, Jean-Michel JarreHe produced 3 albums with his own music : A Quiet Place on This Planet (2015) and New Brain (2019) and An Odyssey (2021).

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