Julian Woodward

Julian studied Fine Art Painting at Glasgow School of Art. His practice as a landscape painter observing rhythm and light in the urban environment is ongoing. Following art school, he approached architects in Glasgow and started a 3D computer visualisation business.

 As web technologies began to emerge, Julian moved into computer programing. A C#.NET full stack engineer for many years, he is now a JavaScript specialist, focussed on building rich user experiences, most recently UX architect for a new portal for the UK national pharmacy regulator. In parallel as a trombonist, he has played in jazz groups and composed music for his pop-up marching band which performed spontaneously throughout London for eight years.

 Having grown up building games and programming music on a BBC micro, Julian has always been keen to find creative expression with code. He is currently working full time on Tweakable, a new web-based system for making interactive and generative art and music.


Tweakable is an audio-visual programming environment that runs in the browser. Users can build an algorithmic system by selecting components and connecting them together. Source data travels between components. They are transformed as parameters change, culminating in audio visual output. Knobs, sliders and other interactive elements can be assembled to create a user interface, enabling the algorithm to be tweaked in real time. As experiencers interact they become active participants, and the divide between making and listening breaks down.

Anyone with access to the web can start creating generative or interactive art works, sharing them with others around the world instantly. There are no external dependencies, no setup or installation is required. Users can work collaboratively by building modules, which encapsulate behaviour and can be easily shared and reused. Existing functionality can be optionally extended on-the-fly with JavaScript snippets.