Kelian Li / George Mason University

Kelian Li is a senior at George Mason University where he is majoring in Music Technology with an emphasis on Electro-Acoustic. Born and raised in Chengdu, China, he co-founded a recording studio during high-school years. In 2019, Kelian received a scholarship to go to the NAMM show, and was inspired to pursue a career in audio development. When he is not struggling with Pro Tools or notation softwares, he enjoys playing some random notes on guitars and keys.

Spatialized real-time additive resynthesis using Spat and Sigmund

Most Ambisonic audio content is either spatially recorded in Ambisonic format, or assigned to point sources from mono signals. This research attempts to integrate both real-time additive resynthesis and spatialization in the time domain. The partials are spatialized randomly but controlled by the users. The output signal can be rendered to either speakers or headphones.  Developed in Max/MSP using Spat and Odot externals, the program can be easily modified by users.

His project: Spatialized additive (re)synthetizer