Perceptual strangeness in virtual reality

2018.19 Artistic Research Residency. Trami NGuyen et Vincent Isnard. In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team.

2018.19 Artistic Research Residency

"Perceptual strangeness in virtual reality"
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team

This project aims to increase the control of the information conveyed in multimodal artistic content in virtual reality, using perceptual tests and an interactive installation.

Virtual reality presents considerable resources for artistic work. It allows to go beyond the traditional mediums by proposing environments where the artistic intentions rely on perceptual norms proposed by the artist. However, these new tools require in-depth mastery to replicate the original artistic intention. In particular to equalize the information rates transmitted in both visual and auditory modalities and thus favor their multisensory integration. In the opposite case, an uncanniness effect may appear depending on the realism produced and because of the generated expectations. We will study the impact of information rates on the integration of the artistic object, according to the feeling of uncanniness that it can generate. We will realize a representative artistic content of the results obtained on the perceptive uncanniness in virtual reality in an interactive installation involving a participant who will have to interact with his virtual double.

Trami NGuyen et Vincent Isnard



Trami NGuyen
Trami is an interdisciplinary artist and musician. She creates multidisciplinary shows, installations, and performs as a musician or an artist. She gratuaded as a pianist at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève and as composer in Jonathan Pontier and Jean-Yves Bernhard's electroacoustic class in Pôle Supérieur La Courneuve. She also studied improvisation with Alain Savouret in Paris. She recently studied videomapping with Aurélien Lafargue at la Gaîté lyrique Paris. She was invited as a musician in major festivals such as le Festival des Créations Sonores de Perpignan, les Schubertiades in Switzerland and international stages such as La Philharmonie 2 de Paris, Opera de Massy, Gaîté Lyrique, L'Arsenal de Metz, le Théâtre de Saint Quentin, le Théâtre de l'Echandole in Switzerland, Danziger50 Theater in Berlin. As a performer, she was invited in la Société des curiosités Paris, Greenhouse Plateau Gallery, Institut für alles mögliche, Meinblau Gallery, in Berlin, and Iklektic artlab in London.

Her creations cross within collaborative projects many fields of creation : photography, dance, theatre, painting, poetry, video... She is a founding member of Artefact Ensemble, Links Ensemble, and works as a soloist, creator and performer. As a professional contemporary pianist, she premiered numerous pieces by composers of her generation such as Laurent Durupt, Chris Swithinbank, Samuel Andreyev, Alexandros Markeas, Kenji Sakai, Adam Maor, Vittorio Montalti, Raffaele Grimaldi, Steven Ricks, Pierre Jodlowski, amongst many others. She performs with electronics, photography,video, installations (Tsuki, Mediations of black and white, Zwei Masken statt einer I and II, Addio al corpo, ...). She recorded with Artefact Contredanses, and 3+3 autour de Gabriel Fauré with the Jérôme Berney jazz trio. She was a resident of the Cité des Arts of Paris in 12-13, of the Institut für alles mögliche and Zonadynamic in Berlin, of the Villa Medicis (Hôte en résidence program).

Vincent Isnard
After studies in sound engineering (Brest) and computer music design (Saint Etienne), Vincent Isnard continued in the research domain by obtaining the Master in Acoustics, Signal processing, Computer science, Applied to Music (ATIAM) from the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM). He completed his PhD at IRCAM in 2016, which is about the auditory recognition of timbre. His scientific works have been presented in international journals and conferences. He also followed a philosophy curriculum oriented towards musical perception at the Universities of Brest, Sorbonne Université, and Ecole Normale Supérieure. Finally, his contemporary musical practices were developed in the classes of Laurent Durupt and Denis Dufour.