Ludovic Landolt

Born in 1993 Ludovic Landolt is a Franco-Swiss artist who currently working between Metz and Paris. He exhibited at Point Commun (Annecy), KOMMET (Lyon), in.plano (Paris) and the Palais de Tokyo and presented his work at the art center BBB (Toulouse). Into a language involved with zazen, fin'amor and Go game his work is linked to deep listening and relationship between sounds and individuals. He making contextual artworks by declining happening, sculpture and sound space.

De Tintinnabulis - Aesthetic experience and sounds of bells

A talk about the research conducted during the exhibition De Tintinnabulis (curated by Émilie d'Ornano at KOMMET, Lyon, 2019) relating to the use and symbolic of bells. From the interpretation of their sounds to their political and religious appropriation, the bells ring in space and inviting people who listen to them to experience a particular form of attentive listening. Animated by a poetic sensibility, this presentation will be an opportunity to begin a reflection on the topology of bells and social phenomena surrounding their material and immaterial heritage. « The artist's interest in bells stems from the observation of a human tendency to be inattentive to his environment, and more specifically to his sound environment. Ludovic Landolt invites us to take the rhythm of our world - marked by acceleration, tending to homogenize radically - to listen to it, rather than just hear it ». Maxime Leblond, critic, June 2019