Major Antescofo Release and New Composer Tutorial

The MuTant Research Team is proud to announce the release Antescofo version 0.6 for Max and PureData:


  • Brand new score following algorithm with increased robustness and major improvement on highly polyphonic scores (e.g. Piano)

  • New version of AscoGraph with improved MusicXML import

  • New Antescofo Composer Tutorial (part I) featuring step-by-step REMAKE of Pierre Boulez' Anthèmes 2 for Violin and Live Electronics

  • New major functionalities in Antescofo Action Language

  • Comprehensive Antescofo Language Reference Guide

  • and more...

As a result of one-year intensive R&D and collaboration with major productions at Ircam and beyond.

The Antescofo Composer Tutorial Part I is dedicated to the memory of David Wessel who, among many things, was the first instructor of the Antescofo language outside Ircam.