Max Celebrated its 30th Birthday!

Le logiciel Max est un environnement visuel destiné aux artistes, aux musiciens, aux designers sonores, aux enseignants et aux chercheurs.

Max, the world standard for real-time sound interaction

Max (formerly Max/MSP) is a visual programming environment for building real-time musical and interactive applications. It is currently the world’s leading software program for interactive sound installations. Max is a
bundling of Max (IRCAM/Cycling ‘74) for real-time control of interactive musical and multimedia applications through MIDI, of MSP, a large set of objects for real- time analysis, synthesis, and processing of audio signals, and of Jitter, a set of video, matrix, and 3D graphical objects for the environment. Max was developed for musicians, sound designers, and researchers who want to develop interactive real-time programs. Cycling ‘74 (United States) develops Max under an exclusive license from IRCAM.

During the Ircam Forum Workshops 2019, we invited David Zicarelli from Cycling `74 to retrace Max's history.

See the full video of the conference.

Check out his interview:

Benjamin Lévy

2019 is therefore an important year for our friends from Cycling74. After Ircam, Max's anniversary was pursued in the States from April 26-28 2019 during Expo '74 2019.
The Tokyo University of Arts at Geidai will also hold its Max Summer Masterclass from August 5 to 9, 2019.

Max software is developed and distributed by Cycling '74. It is also distributed by the IRCAM Forum. More information here.