Meet The Forum 2023 - Program 03/28/2023

From 3-5PM at IRCAM on March 28th 2023.

The day before the IRCAM Forum Workshops, IRCAM Forum and IRCAM's pedagogical team organize an afternoon discovery of Ircam's technologies. Open to all, Meet the Forum allows you to discover and understand all the training, innovations, technologies and resources that the IRCAM Forum is the link in the extended community of experts, sound professionals, sound designers, artists...

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You will find below the detailed program of the afternoon.

Gesture and sonification workshop - Sébastien Naves

Salle Nono

Details: 10 persons capacity

Two groupes :

3-3.45PM and 4-4.45PM

The "natural" musical writing leads to the production of its corresponding sound by means of a specific musical gesture of the instrument which produces it. In other words the writing of a note supposes a gesture linked to the instrument.
In the case of computer synthesis (which can be extended to the particular case of the transformation of a sound), by default, the physical instrument does not exist, and no gesture is associated with it at the origin. It is an opportunity to approach an reversed trajectory by starting with the silent gesture (that of a dancer for example) as a generator of a sound or as an agent of the transformation of a sound.
This workshop proposes to introduce the question of the sonification of the gesture through an example of Live session (Ableton) ready to use together with embedded Riot sensors.
Time permitting, we will try to propose an initial strategy for the development of the sonification: Gesture - Controls - Sound
- Analysis of the gestural phenomenon.
- Collection of data.
- Description of a sound or of an associated treatment: time, amplitudes (envelopes), frequencies and spatialization ( carrying a sound gesture in space).
- Elaboration of a mapping of the controls between the sensor and the sound generator/transformer.

Discovery of "ambisonic" broadcasting system - Johannes Régnier 

Salle Vigie

Détails: 10 persons capacity

Two groups: 3-4PM and 4-5PM

Through an "ambisonic" broadcasting system we rediscover our way of perceiving the world. We realise the richness of the perceptive processes of hearing that make us "feel", "hear", "listen" to our environment.In the hands of creators such as composers, it becomes an instrument that also draws and virtualises space. Examples will materialise this sound projection technology and its immersive character.

To compose with Open Music  - with Claudia Jane Scroccaro

Salle Stravinsky 

70 persons capacity

2 sessions :

3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

4:00 - 4:45 p.m.

OpenMusic (OM) is a visual programming language for computer-assisted music composition created at IRCAM, inheriting from a long tradition of computer-assisted composition research. OM may be used as a general purpose functional/object/visual programming language. A set of provided classes and libraries make it a very convenient environment for music composition. Different representations of a musical process are handled, among which common notation, midi piano-roll, sound signal and high level in-time organisation of the music material is proposed through the concept of "maquette".

You can also follow the conference on OpenMusic live on YT

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