Metaphonies - Interactive music and neurological prosody

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency. Michelle Agnès Magalhaes. In collaboration with Béatrice Sauvageot, and the Musical Representations Team, the Sound Music Movement InteractionTeam and the Department of Education and Cultural Outreach.

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Metaphonies - Interactive music and neurological prosody
In collaboration with Béatrice Sauvageot, and the Musical Representations Team, the Sound Music Movement InteractionTeam and the Department of Education and Cultural Outreach.

This research is a collaboration with Béatrice Sauvageot (speech therapist, neuroscience researcher, Puissance Dys Association Founding Member). It focuses on the development of an artistic proposal based on a reflection on the musician brain. By this we understand the neurological aspects of listening and musical sensitivity, independently of the individual practice as a musician. Much more than a producer of aesthetic fruition, the musician brain is also responsible for the cognitive faculties, given his ability to associate emotional, motor and sensory experiences. 
Hybrid project of interactive musical piece and musical game thought from a therapeutic point of view, Metaphonies is an application project for smartphone and tablet intended for the general public, for people who suffer from dyslexia or other learning disabilities, or for everyone who desire to increase their cognition, memorization, and imagination abilities.

Michelle Agnès Magalhaes



Born in Brazil, her music explores the limits between gesture and writing, composition and improvisation. In 2003, she was awarded a Unesco-Aschberg fellow. Between 2009 and 2011 she joined the improvised music ensemble Abaetetuba as pianist, and played in duo with Celio Barros. After studying at the University of Sao Paulo, she received regular compositions lessons from Salvatore Sciarrino (Accademia Chigiana di Siena and Conservatorio Statale di Musica, Latina). In 2014-2015 she joined the IRCAM’s Analysis of Musical Practices Team (APM) as part of the GEMME project (Musical Gesture: Models and Experiences). The following year she worked on a post-PhD musical composition project "À double Entente: The invention of dialogue writing - improvisation" (IRCAM’s Musical Representations team - RepMus / UPMC). She has collaborated as a composer with numerous ensembles (Abstraï, Percorso Ensemble, Arsenale, Accroche Note, Promenade Sauvage, ECCE, Bahia Blanca Soloists, Quarteto Prometeo, Flame Ensemble, Ensemble TaG Neue Musik, 20° dans le noir, Talea Ensemble, Ensemble L'Itinéraire and Ensemble Multilatérale). Since 2016 she collaborates with Béatrice Sauvageot in many projects that combine music and neurology, and in DysOrchestre, an ensemble of improvised music.

Email : Michelle.Magalhaes (at)