Modalys 3.4 released!

We are happy to release this brand new version of Modalys which features:

• License: the license engine has been updated for the recent Forum 2013 system.
• 64bit: Modalys is now fully 64bit throughout, with 32bit backward compatibilty.
• Max Objects: one single set of Max/MSP objects is available, compiled with 6.1.4 SDK and fully compatible with Max 5, 6, 6.1.
• MatLab: objects are now natively 64bit.
• Lisp: upgrade to LispWorks 6.1 framework, double-float precision, editor bugs fixed (mouse wheel...)
• Numerous bugs have been fixed.

As a reminder, the latest documentation version is also available online from Ircam’s support server.

The Instrumental Acoustics team