Modalys 3.4.3

We are happy to release the new version 3.4.3 of Modalys!

Modalys 3.4.3 is a maintenance release featuring bug fixes, as well as stability and performance improvements. Overall:

  • Open Music: 1) An obscure library conflict when using the latest version of Open Music (64bit) forced us to upgrade and recompile some of Modalys’ key modules. Well it's better that way, and now all is fine! 2) By the way, examples have been cleaned up, and other bugs have been fixed.

  • ModaLisp: 1) Surprisingly, 'get-info' did not work on non-dynamic controllers (envelope, constant etc.) 2) Envelope controllers could be slightly ≠ 0 when expected to be strictly null.

  • Modalys for Max: 1) Windows: some specific configuration incompatibilities have been fixed. 2) getinfo message returned a non-standard mix of value and symbols ; now a consistent list is returned.

  • Modalys for Matlab: recompilation of objects and various fixes.

Modalys 3.4.3 is available to all registered users.

Please download the full PDF release cumulative notes for details.

The Modalys team