Modalys 3.4.4 released!

We are happy to announce today the release of the new version 3.4.4 of Modalys!

Modalys 3.4.4 is a maintenance release featuring bug fixes, as well as stability and performance improvements. Overall:


The installer is now cleanly signed ! ;-)


  • ModaLisp is now fully compatible with Mac OS Sierra and runs in native 64bit mode.

  • The progress bar has been updated to Cocoa (to comply with the new 64bit mode).

Modalys for Max

  • More gracious handling of path (for subpatches)

  • Fixed : rare crash with Max 7.3.

  • Fixed : (long-standing) crash with expression controller when running Max in 32bit mode.

  • A new package info item has been added making Modalys appear nicely in Package Manager.

  • The ‘vocalys’ instrument has been updated and added to the Modalys for max Instrument Series (Mac only).

Modalys 3.4.4 is available to all registered users.

Please download the full PDF release cumulative notes for details.

The Modalys team