Modalys 3.5.0 available!

We are happy to announce, ready for the Forum 2018, the release of  Modalys 3.5.0!

Modalys 3.5.0 features significant additions, bug fixes, and performance improvements. In this version, certain aspects of the not-so-known "expression controller" (mlys.expression in Max MSP environment) have been emphasized, such as its potential for creating non-linear objects.


High Sierra (10.13) compatibility.

Modalys for Max

  • Windows: mlys.expression now available.

  • More help patches available (but still in progress!)

  • modalys~: undesired (and CPU-demanding...) debug build found in 3.4.4 :-o

  • modalys~: getinfo returns correct symbols and numeric values; new 'clear' message.

  • mlys: object name duplicate avoidance.

  • mlys.sine: a mlys.dynamic controller can be input to control the frequency.

  • mlys.point-output: can be input with a controller directly.

  • mlys.expression: many improvements, with examples etc. (thank you, Hans Peter Stubbe!)

Please download the full PDF release cumulative notes for details.

The Modalys/S3AM team