Music for Headphones - Marco BIDIN, Fernando Maglia

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 in Paris.

Online presentation by Marco Bidin (ALEA, Italy) and Fernando Maglia (Universidad Nacional de las Artes of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In this presentation, we will portrait the “Music for Headphones” project's social and psychological aims, as well as our search for a virtual concert-hall and its listening experience. 

One could transcend physical body restrictions and experience three-dimensional listening within a hybrid body in an augmented reality.

The materials for our third “Music for Headphones” production emerge from a thorough musicological investigation of Latin American pre-Colombian music. We will also present the digital instruments created from the sound analysis of ethnic instruments. 

Furthermore, we will briefly discuss the technical aspects by showing the workspaces in OpenMusic, Max/MSP and how the material is finalised in a DAW. Special attention will be put on the binaural spatialisation techniques.

Music for Headphones III is a production by ALEA, Associazione Laboratorio Espressioni Artistiche.