Robert B. Lisek - Neural Differential Equations for Sound Synthesis


Ateliers du Forum Paris 2022

Abstract :


I propose AI system called Neural Ordinary Differential Equations (NODE) for sound synthesis. My method provides a simple and intuitive way to construct new sound objects and new type of sound synthesis by manipulating matrixes of maps. Differential equations are the fundamental language of all physical law. Dynamic laws are differential equations relating to operators and functions common to a wide variety of patterns of motion, e.g. oscillators, elastic fluids or gases.


Bio :


Robert B. Lisek PhD is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems, networks and processes (computational, biological, social). Drawing upon software art and meta-media, his work intentionally defies categorization. Lisek is a pioneer of art and music based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Lisek is also a composer of contemporary music, author of many projects and scores on the intersection of spectral, stochastic, concret music, musica futurista and noise. Lisek is also a scientist who conducts research in the area of foundations of science (mathematics and computer science). His research interests are category theory and high-order algebra in relation to artificial intelligence. Lisek is a founder of Fundamental Research Lab and ACCESS Art Symposium. He is the author of 300 exhibitions and concerts, among others: SIBYL - ZKM Karlsruhe; SIBYL II - IRCAM; QUANTUM ENIGMA - Harvestworks Center New York and STEIM Amsterdam; TERROR ENGINES - WORM Center Rotterdam, Secure Insecurity - ISEA Istanbul; DEMONS - Venice Biennale (accompanying events); Manifesto vs. Manifesto - Ujazdowski Castel of Contemporary Art, Warsaw; NEST - ARCO Art Fair, Madrid; Float - Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC; WWAI - Siggraph, Los Angeles.

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