New 1.8.4 MuBu release

a new MuBu and Co release for OS X  is available here:

Release Notes for MuBu 1.8.4 25.04.2015

two new examples developed with the fundamental contribution of composer Aaron Einbond:
- catart-mubu-live: CataRT-style interactive corpus-based concatenative synthesis;
- cataoracle: catart-mubu-live with factor oracle;

- added possibility to define @track attribute in writeall message, allowing to save a given track over all the buffers in a .mubu file;
- added possibility to reload this file appending his content to the buffers of a given container.
- added attribute "externalfiles" allowing to save in mubu files, just the file name of loaded sound files. In this case sound files will be loaded directly from original files (if found in filepath) when mubu file is imported
- readtrackappend on empty track behaves as readtrack
- fixed crash importing not supported sound file format (e.g. m4a format)

- added inactivebufferindices attribute to scatterplot editor
- fixed display problems on retina display
- graphical optimization for cursor and highlight
- added highlight in markers editor
- fixed paramcols attribute in MarkersEditor
- IndexChooser: added ALT+Click (to make current buffer the only visible) and CMD+Click (to toggle buffers visibility) interactions;
- other several bug fixes and optimisations


- fixed loaddone message

- added reset message
- new pipo.const module: PiPo implementation of the YIN algorithm for monophonic pitch estimation
- added maxduration option to pipo.gate