New MuBu 1.8.7 OS X release

a new MuBu and Co release for OS X  is available here:

Release Notes for MuBu 1.8.7 24.07.2015

- fixed refresh of cursor when zooming and scrolling
- fixed unwanted zoom change editing bpf
- fixed refresh after domain bounds message
- rangeruler and domainruler: allowed scrolling for zoom < 1.0

- fixed writeall with filename but without extension (forced mubu extension)
- fixed bug importing track with extradata == labels; one event with label was imported as two events, the first with matrix the second with label.

- fixed insert message with index > track size
- fixed remove of last element

- added new @autoupdate attribute to prevent knn from auto-updating after each file load, which makes things slower than necessary
- new getnum query

- several fixes and optimisations in catart-mubu examples

- other minor bug fixes