New MuBu release 1.9.2 (OSX and Windows)

A New MuBu and Co release for OS X and Windows is available here:


Release Notes

- new message removetracks: removetracks <int|sym: track index or name> <num: # of tracks> (default == 1, == 0 means remove all tracks from given index)
- new message insertblank to insert blank space in buffers or tracks: buffer/track <int|sym: index or name> insertblank <double: start time> <double: duration>
- fixed cut/copy and paste in buffers

- new pipos:
1) pipo.peaks: PiPo estimating local maxima from a given vector
2) pipo.lpcformants: PiPo computing the formant frequencies and bandwidths based on a LPC analysis

- pipo.ircamdescriptor (PiPo binding for IrcamDescriptor library) released with mubu package

- mubu.dtw: new object for dynamic time warping

- Riot: new set of patches to support RIoT Modules

- patches: new version of help patches and examples (work in progress)

- several other minor bug fixes