OpenMusic 7.1 release

Latest version of OpenMusic, the Computer Assisted Composition environment.

OpenMusic 7.1 is freely available for download


  • MacOS: 64bits - ARM and Intel processors,
  • WINDOWS: 32 bits
  • LINUX: 64 bits RPM and DEB packages, tar-ball


  • New score functions:
    set-obj-pitch, set-obj-vel, set-obj-chan, set-obj-port, set-obj-tempo
  • Jack support for linux (V. Anders)


  • shortcut for curved/straight connections (z)
  • scale setting is in preferences
  • alt+selection selects also connections
  • concat-score-objs now replaces concat-voices and covers list of chord-seqs or multi-seqs or voices or polys
  • comment boxes are resized correctly
  • info definition (inspection of code) is now resizable
  • key shortcuts for recording midi (q and w)
  • infoeditor remembers size and position
  • PortMidi setup's height is resizable (preferences)
  • om-inspect improved: resizable and closes all inspectors windows
  • cut/copy/paste in temporal box info
  • box resize shortcut (ctrl/cmd+shift+arrows)
  • slotboxes are callable just as any ombox
  • scorepatch :
    • connection standard display
    • fixed zoom display
  • OK button on portmidi setup panel
  • auto connect output/input using option+cmd (ctrl+alt) and more


  • Record chord-seq restaured with new recording modes
  • Tuplets optimization in mxml (bugfix)
  • Fixed list presentation of workspace at startup
  • Drag&drop score instances in maquette now works
  • micro-channel approx fix (16th tones)
  • MAQUETTE loop play mode fixed
  • omaudiolib fix for windows
  • Dark mode support (aqua display) for mac
  • Fixed closing instances (automatic closing of editors when instances are deleted)
  • set-obj-mode fix (internal chord)