Raphaël Foulon

Raphaël Foulon is a video artist and researcher. He designs his own visual creation tools and explores various forms of expression such as algorithmic generation, live-cinema and multimedia feedback. His approach consists in exploring the themes of perception of nature and artifice, technological servitude and the transcendence of concepts related to reality. Thus, he privileges materials and textures from the living world, from ancestral artistic traditions and examines their synergistic association with modern means of expression. 

Workshops eqkoscope

The eqkoscope is a free software for manipulating visuals developed by the digital arts collective eqko. Based on the principle of video feedback, it allows to mix image banks and videos thanks to MIDI and OSC interfaces, and to finely synchronize special effects with the musical material. It is used in the piece Las Pintas, composed with José-Miguel Fernandez as part of a residency at IRCAM and the Société des Arts technologiques de Montréal. Participants are invited, if they wish, to bring their own images/videos for remixing.