Keynote: Recent digital failures open amazing perspectives - Nicolas Henchoz

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshop 2023 In Paris

The failures of augmented glasses and 3DTV, the setback of metaverse and NFT might be a good news, if you haven’t invested in those technologies. Why? Because they generate a strong signal to move beyond tech driven innovation and ephemeral success. There is now room for projects considering in a more serious way meaning, human perception and adoption. It brings more for humans, for the planet, but also for business through sustainable revenues. How can such seducing perspectives can been turned into effective impact? We’ll look at major concepts, with some recent and upcoming projects. Results show that sound should take a bigger role in this vision, according to its impact. This keynote will end with a major announcement related to SIGGRAPH 2024, the world leading conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive techniques. Maybe an opportunity to engage in a different way?