Antescofo and AscoGraph Major Release 0.52

A new major release of Antescofo including its new visual editor AscoGraph is now available on Forumnet for Max (FAT and 32bits, Mac) and PureData (Mac, Linux).

This version represents one year of intensive efforts by MuTant team-project members and a complete re-structuring of Antescofo architecture by José Echeveste, and Jean-Louis Giavitto; and Thomas Coffy for AscoGraph.


New Features:

  • New Action Language for authoring of live electronics, including :

    • Continuous actions (Curve)

    • New, more intuitive syntax (Group, Loop) for older syntax (GFWD, LFWD) with backward compatibility (see note)

    • Possibility of including dynamic expressions everywhere (delays or periods as variables or expressions)

    • Better handling of synchronization strategies

  • Improvements in Antescofo's Score Follower especially for polyphonic instruments and voice

    • Upgrade to 64bit objects for Max and PureData

  • Antescofo is now accompanied by its dedicated score visual editor AscoGraph with the following features:

    • Double-click (Max only) on object brings up AscoGraph

    • Instant communication with Max Object through internal OSC

    • Automatic conversion of MIDI and MusicXML files to Antescofo format (drag-n-drop to AscoGraph)

    • Visual instantaneous sync between AscoGraph and Antescofo (Max or PureData) for monitoring during live performance

    • Visual editing of electronic actions (especially for Curves)

  • Updated Tutorial and Help file

  • Antescofo Language Reference Document

  • and more...


The following users/composers/artists have been particularly active in making this major release a reality, that we wish to thank: Larry Nelson, Mark Chambers, Marco Stroppa, Julia Blondeau, Gilbert Nouno, José Miguel Fernandez, Carlo Laurenzi, Philippe Manoury, Augustin Muller, Thomas Goepfer, Yan Marezs, Grégoire Lorieux; and many other users on Antescofo User Group.