The name shoonya refers to zero, which is the start and the end just like a sand journey and us people who are on constant evolution but are still the same.

Have you ever looked really close at a grain of sand who’s surrounded by millions of billions that look just like it? Having a closer look, every grain has a different story that is shaped and influenced by our origins, time and our environment. However, from a distance they’re one big apparently homogeneous mass. 

Starting from the concept of ‘unity in diversity’ we set on the journey of transcending boundaries of cultural differences, the politicising of differences over the commonalities that exist just like people. 
Informed by Shravni and Tanya’s Indian heritage, they lean on to the classic of ragas, which are perceived differently throughout the width of the country but have a constant delivery system. Shoonya is a personal retrospective of reiterating "cross culture" existence, for interpretation through the journey of sand, where elemental commonality between people and sand act as a metaphor.