Spat~ 4.7.5

A new Spat release is available.


* spat.smk~ : fix minor bug with auto-generated matlab scripts
* spat.smk~ : fix rare bug (asynchronicity between sweep and recorded signal) leading to a time shift
of the IR.
* spat.frequencyresponse : added 'display' attribute
* spat.hrtf.infos, spat.pan~, spat.spat~, etc. : updated with the latest version of SOFA (hrtf files)
* fix possible hang with vbap panning when numspeakers is high (typically > 64)
* added spat.thru~
* spat.viewer : added speaker selection message on the 'mouse' outlet
* added spat.ms2string
* spat.transpan~ :
- slightly changed the front/back law
- CTC filters are now computed on the fly, from the binaural filters (.hrtf)
- added attributes for CTC EQ calculation: 'method', 'highpass'
- deprecated 'nearfield' attribute
- the object now reports its latency (through the rightmost outlet)
- added 'blurfront' and 'blurback' attributes
- changed the direct/trans eq filters (and messages)
- updated the abstractions
- added +6 dB on the transaural layer
- dry/wet gain is now linear instead of sin/cos power law
- deprecated hoa panpot type (i.e. 'panning' attribute)
- deprecated 'stereodownmix' mode
- deprecated 'downmixdelay' and 'downmixgains' attributes
- added 2 outlets for binaural mix (always running)
* added spat.transpan.enlarger~ : stereo enlarger with 3-band control
* added spat.transpan.downmixer~ : 5.1 to stereo downmixer
* spat.rat, spat.hybrid~ : fix minor bug with IR analysis
* spat.equalizer : added 'controllers' attribute
* spat.equalizer : double-click on a curve will reset to default values
* added spat.cross3~ : 3-band crossover using Linkwitz–Riley topology
* spat.smk~ : dictionary is automatically output whenever the state of the object changes
* spat.reverb~ : minor cpu improvement
* spat.matrixctrl : 'numrows' and 'numcols' attributes can now be dynamically changed
* spat.meter~ : added 'style' attribute
* spat.viewer : added attributes 'sourceslevels', 'speakerslevels', 'showsourceslevels',
'showpeakerslevels' (see help patch for details)
* fixed spat.send~ and spat.receive~ on windows
* spat.hostinfos : added 'screensize' message