SPAT Devices by Music Unit

Presentation during Ircam Forum Workshop 2023/ Music Unit produces the SPAT collection, Max For Live plugins distributed by Ableton.

Ableton live Max For Live Music Unit Spat

SPAT plugins make it possible to arrange and move sound sources in real or virtual auditory spaces, in 2D or 3D, thanks to advanced spatialization engines, based on the Spatialiseur processor developed at IRCAM for nearly three decades.

The plugins are offered in two packs: SPAT Multichannel and SPAT Stereo. 

SPAT Multichannel is for artists, producers and sound engineers who want to get the most out of the multichannel setup of their studio or concert hall. It comes with all of the key peripherals from the Stereo version, but with additional functionality in each of the peripherals allowing up to 32 speakers to be programmed. It also includes a bonus tool, Speaker Editor, which lets you replicate your speaker setup in Live. 

SPAT Stereo is intended for those who have simple stereo configurations (speakers, headphones) and who still wish to integrate high-level spatialization techniques into their productions - whether it is to create sounds headphones or using the transaural panning algorithm with studio monitors. The bundle includes stereo versions of all the key devices that make SPAT powerful: Spatial, Room and Multiverb.

SPAT Devices is developed by Manuel Poletti from the Music Unit studio, using the SPAT Max library developed by the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces - STMS team (Ircam, CNRS, Sorbonne University, French Ministry of Culture) and distributed by Ircam Amplify.