The Body of Cognitions - Anran Yang, Liwei Yin

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 in Paris.

This is an immersive video and audio project that presents an embodied story-telling through experiencing the everyday life of a non-human being. The concept derives from the idea of the embodied cognition. In other words, how we think, communicate and remember, is shaped by having a body with specific sensory and motor capacities which together forms memory, emotion, language and all the other aspects of life. This project is exploring how is having a different body with alternate sensory, height and mobility will affect the process of thinking and remembering. The visual part is made by an immersive video either in the form of VR or moving image of footages made from field recordings. The audio part consists of field recorded sound with collage and processing. The whole piece invites the audience to meditate through the “eyes” and “ears” of a non human being and enjoys a story-telling from a probably “unusual” perspective.