The World of Freedom - Tiange Zhou

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshops 2023 in Paris.

The World of Freedom is an immersive virtual space. It provides possibilities for people to empathetically imagine a “free” living sociology at the post-pandemic Anthropocene. Technologies support people to live in their identical personal spaces, meanwhile access shared information and areas with neighbors, even those with different faith and beliefs.Since we are all inside this pandemic bubble, after most people stay at home for a couple of months, we start emerging a global-size collective memory, which makes people more empathetically understanding others’ situations. Meanwhile, more and more people have to learn and take experience virtually. The attention of empathy and the new work-from-home mode evokes the initial idea of this virtual reality experience. We start to ask how people could learn and think more effectively in this brand new virtual age? The time of post-pandemic might never pass. Some phenomena supposed as temporary might become the normality for the world.  We use Unity to build up an immersive and empathetic space that embodies a hypothetical argument of a social dilemma into a virtual manifestation. In this way, we wish to make the experience as a heuristic innovation for the post-pandemic Anthropocene. People might be able to figure out the most meaningful answer by wearing the same shoes. The social distance could also be virtually controlled in this program by counting if the number of participants overload spaces.